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Have you ever wished to meet new people in an exciting and unique way? Well, Datezzle is the answer! Our app allows you to connect with people in a special way: one-on-one, randomly.

No matter where you are in the world, Datezzle gives you the opportunity to make genuine connections with people from different backgrounds, interests, and cultures.


Set up your account

Sign up and complete your profile in 4 easy steps

1 - Photo

This needs to be a real photo where you show your face. When making a connection. Photo will gradually be shown randomly to your match.

2 - Name

Choose the name you want. It can be your real name or a nickname, but make sure it is not offensive, as you could be penalized.

3 - Day of birth

This verification ensures that you are over 17 years old. We want to emphasize that your age will not be displayed to your match.

4 - Location

Refers to matching rooms. Datezzle matches you with the first available person with the same location. Choose by country, language, and fan club.

How to use it

Just one click

Just click on the Match button once you have completed your profile. Once connected, your match's photo will gradually appear as you talk.


Use the 'Stop' button when you want to end the conversation. The connection will be terminated, including the chat and the photos for both parties.


A little more about location

The locations are three powerful connection rooms.


Use it if you want to connect with someone around the world with the same language.


Use it if you want to connect with someone from a specific country.

Fan club

Use it if you want to connect with your favorite artist. Every time an artist connects, you will receive a notification that they are online. All artists are verified, and a badge will be displayed below their photo.


Choose the one that suits you best

We know how boring an app with advertising can be. That's why Datezzle doesn't have any. We focus on creating a minimalist and user-friendly app that can bring joy. We offer two plans.



What's Included

  • three connections per day
  • It renews every 24 hours
  • Well it's free



What's Included

  • Unlimited connections for 30 days
  • It does not renew automatically
  • You can get the unlimited version from the app

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